Pumpkin Invaders

Pumpkin Invaders
An Underground Tribute to Helloween

The first cassette only HELLOWEEN tribute album was created to pay homage to the best band on the planet.

All the songs were collected from various albums of the mentioned bands. Some appeared as bonus tracks, while others were limited to a certain format, but you can also find three exclusive recordings here, including “Back on the Streets” and “Light in the Sky” which have never been covered by any band before. The recordings range from professional to demo quality, yet they all have one thing in common: the passionate performance with the own touch of the artists!
Since mastered to fit the attributes of this glorious analog format, it is truly a must-have not just for HELLOWEEN fans but for metal fanatics and cassette collectors alike.

Brace yourselves, as the pumpkins will invade your stereo!

Catalog number: BSR001

All songs are originally written, recorded and performed by Helloween!

Compiled by Zoltán Papi

The pumpkin artwork was made exclusively for this release by Marcos Moura

Layout and layout artwork by Alex Mihályfi-Tóth (Redart Illustrations)

“Murderer” remastered by Bence Molnár at Power Source Studio


Released 15 of May, 2018