Grey Wolf – Stygia (EP)

Grey Wolf
Stygia (EP)

From the top of a sand dune you watch as the sandstorm slowly calms down, revealing ancient pyramids in the distance. In the stifling heat your heart starts to beat faster but you decide to be fearless and firmly grasp your sword. Welcome to the evil realm of Stygia!

Special EP from Fabio Paulinelli’s epic heavy metal project, Grey Wolf, which includes 4 original songs and a Running Wild cover. Oriental melodies, crushing riffs, hoarse vocals, and Fabio’s signature bass playing make this EP a piece that heavy metal and Conan maniacs simply cannot miss.

Make no mistake, however, with this pure underground release Fabio remained true to his roots, in fact, even returned to them! The new songs sound close to as raw and barbarian as his first two studio albums do.

Catalog number: BSR004


Fabio Paulinelli – vocals and all instruments

Guitar solos written and performed by Junior Bonora

Recorded by Fabio Paulinelli at GW Home Studio
Mixed and mastered by Junior Bonora at Kaer Morhen Home Studio

Artwork by Fabiano Blator
Layout by Judit Mészáros


Released 2 of December, 2020