Cosmic Rayz

Cosmic Rayz
An Underground Tribute to Gamma Ray

The first-ever tribute album dedicated to GAMMA RAY, those who showed that metal is real freedom.

With passionate performances and mutual love for GAMMA RAY, 10 bands gathered under the flag of BURNING SUN RECORDS to pay tribute to the legendary German power metal band. The result of this intergalactic cooperation is a powerful sounding and beautifully looking cassette with five songs on each side. The cassette was released in three different colors (black, brick red, green) and manufactured professionally in the European Union.
Since it was sold only within 2 weeks after its release, the album was a huge success in the underground.

Catalog number: BSR002


All songs are originally written, recorded and performed by Gamma Ray!

Organized by Zoltán Papi

Artwork and layout by Alex Mihályfi-Tóth (Redart Illustrations)

Cassette master by Bence Molnár (Power Source Studio)


Released 22 of May, 2019